Re: Space Reentry debris up for sale

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 17:37:59 PDT

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    > Basically, someone is selling what appears to be a spherical
    > helium tank from Cosmos 1686 that reentered over Argentina in
    > 1991.  It is about 35 cm in diameter and weighs 7.4 kilos.  It
    > is pitted with hundreds of small craters.  --Rob
    This was posted earlier -- the interesting part is the scads of small
    craters, which, AFAIK, isn't really consistent with other measures of
    near-Earth microdebris.  Maybe a consequence of breakup of other parts of
    the module during reentry?  I hope someone in possession of a SEMP gets a
    look at this tank.
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