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From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 12:07:12 PDT

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    For europeans only !!!
    Hello seesatters,
    Allen Thomson send me a copy of his TLE archive on twp CD-roms. See
    his mail to the list a few weeks ago.
    A total of more than 17 million TLE's are in zipped files; each spanning a
    decade based on the TLE epoch.
    I've volunteered to act as a distribution point for these CD's, but for
    only. There will be others in different parts of the world who can
    the CD's there.
    Anybody interrested in recieving a copy of the 2 CD's can send me a mail.
    As the information is for free, the only costs involved are for the CD's and
    packing & postage. Depending on who many request are made the costs
    will be around Dutch guilders 10.
    Together with the disks I'll send info about paying this.
    The copies will be made and send on a first in first out basis.
    The archive is far from complete and Allen is asking anybody who has more
    TLE's to make them available to the Archive.
    Contact me on how to collect the data in europe and  I'll send it to Allen.
    Allen is also expending the Archive and will make the next copies available
    Greetings and clear, dark skies
    Leo Barhorst
    52.767 N  5.09 E  2 m ASL
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