Re: South Africa hit wil debrisfromDelta rocket

Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 10:21:13 PDT

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    >JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) - For a while, it seemed as if some 
    >meteorological phenomenon was hitting South Africa. 
    >A metal ball fell from the sky Thursday onto a farm near Worcester, 45 
    >east of Cape Town, leaving an 8-inch dent in the ground. On Friday, 
    >ball a yard wide plummeted from the sky onto a farm in Durbanville, 
    >outside Cape Town. 
    >``We heard the sound of crackling thunder, yet there were no clouds,'' 
    >Philip Schew, a tenant farmer near Worcester. 
    >NASA scientists said the balls were garbage from a Delta rocket 
    >launched in 
    >1996. The balls had been expected to land somewhere in southern 
    Am I correct in assuming that the Delta rocket exploded BEFORE entering
    the Earth's atmosphere?  I don't think that a rocket could break up in
    the atmosphere, and one piece land at time index 0, and another piece
    orbit right in the Earth's atmosphere for an entire day, before landing.
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