Re: GPS 2-25 Delta 2 rocket crash South Africa

From: Paul Henney (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 05:56:16 PDT

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    Allen Thomson said (some snipped)
    > What is the likelihood dangerous things such as hydrazine or other
    > toxic/explosive/ radioactive/icky materials would be found in these
    I don't know about debris which has re entered but there is a great deal of
    concern about a rise in birth defects and other symptoms in arctic Russia.
    Some have blamed  contamination from the large number of 1st and 2nd stage
    booster debris discarded from launches from Plesetsk  (sp?). Apparently some
    launches to LEO leave a large amounyt of hydrazine and other propellent
    liquids in the tanks which are then released into the environment on impact.
    Some nomadic herders also use the metal from boosters for building !
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