Inside NORAD, missile launch

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 05:10:42 PDT

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    The CBN 700 Club broadcast here a few minutes ago (Sunday 7am local) on
    the CBS affiliate began with a look into the Cheyenne Mountain Complex
    (home, I believe, of NORAD and USSPACECOM), interviews with AF officers,
    simulations of missile interceptions, etc.  Mention was made of a recent
    failed test.  If I recall correctly, that test from Vandenburg and/or
    its successful predecessor were responsible for a good deal of
    interesting sky viewing on the West Coast.  Reported that the next test
    is scheduled for late June.
    A cursory review of the Vandenburg public launch schedule,, did not reveal such a scheduled
    date, although it does show a Titan (big, bright rocket) DOD launch for
    July 17th.  Those of you who keep better track of these things than I do
    may know whether previous launches of the "mini-Star Wars interceptor",
    or whatever they call it, have been announced in advance, and if so, how
    far in advance.
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