Re: GPS 2-25 Delta 2 rocket crash South Africa

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 14:21:27 PDT

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    From: "Paul Henney
    > The debris from the Delta that reentered over Texas was featured on an
    > excellent programme on UK TV's Channel 4 about a year ago on the problem
    > space jumk..I still have it on video.
    > The fragments were quite large and as I recall the chap from Boeing was
    > surprised that any of it made it to the ground. I understand from the
    > programme that Boeing are keen to obtain debris for analysis...could be a
    > cottage industry in some places :-)
    I was thinking that predicting reentries, searching for and finding debris
    might make an excellent project for youth groups, and perhaps motivate
    interest in satellite observation/tracking -- but then realized that there
    might be some risk involved.
    What is the likelihood dangerous things such as hydrazine or other
    toxic/explosive/ radioactive/icky materials would be found in these objects?
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