Re: GPS 2-25 Delta 2 rocket crash South Africa

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 05:24:18 PDT

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    From: "Greg Roberts" <>
    >Hi All and especially Alan
    > I've been following with interest the discussion re the re-entry of the
    > object over Southern Africa on 27 April and might be able to add a little
    to it.
    [much snippage]
    >The Observatory has three of the  pieces :
    > (1) large metal tank approximately 8 feet or so long ( I didnt measure ),
    > (2) nozzle - aprroximately 18 inches diameter by about 2 feet
    > (3) a large metal sphere about 3 feet in diameter -
    > (4) I understand there may be a fourth piece but I have no further
    > information.
    This sounds like the same stuff that landed near Seguin, Texas a few years
    ago. Presumably it's fairly standard Delta reentry debris, which leads me to
    wonder if there aren't more examples lying around somewhere.
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