Unk Double Flare & Flash

From: finn@main.jetnet.ab.ca
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 22:10:39 PDT

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    As i was waiting for Iridium 32 to flare to -8, i noticed another object
    flare at -4 approx 8 deg below Vega. It remained visble long enough to see
    that it's track was from around Az 110 deg going to Az 350 or so. I couldn't
    accurately time it but a rough time was 04:38:00 6 May UTC +/- 30 sec. It
    was visible for approx 5 sec and then faded. A short time later i saw a
    single bright -5 flash along the approx route the unknown took. Again no
    timing but shortly before the predicted 04:39:26 time when Ir 32 flared, i
    saw the object flare again, -2 this time. Az 40 deg El 20 deg at 04:39:15
    +/- 5 sec heading in the same direction so i'm guessing it was the same object. 
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