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From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 13:29:43 PDT

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    As I remember there were the same sort of claims about a reentry or meteorite
    fall a couple years ago. I know it is hard to believe for list members but
    the general public has a strange view of objects in space and especially
    orbits and especially in the backwater area I live in.. Satellite TV has
    really confused a lot of people. Because their dishes point to a fixed point
    in the sky they think most satellites (or pieces of them) could fall straight
    down. This is why lots of people think that pieces of a single satellite
    could come down over the same spot over a couple days.
    I know people who have never seen a satellite due to light pollution or
    ignorance. I pointed MIR out to a group of people and one guy called me crazy
    and said it was a plane even though I predicted it 10 minutes in advance, the
    others seem to believe HIM although they were polite.
    Alan Pickup wrote:
    > I do not think the Delta exploded at all. The stresses of re-entry
    > caused it to disintegrate and all the pieces fell on the one day and the
    > one orbit, on Thursday April 27. I am certain that a claim that a piece
    > the debris fell on the following day is mistaken. It would be nice,
    > though, to see a map of (or learn the co-ordinates of) the locations of
    > the debris falls.
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