Re: South Africa hit wil debrisfromDelta rocket

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 12:10:02 PDT

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    With regard to the re-entry of #23834 (the GPS 2-25 Delta 2 rocket) over
    South Africa, Jonathan T. Wojack writes
    >Am I correct in assuming that the Delta rocket exploded BEFORE entering
    >the Earth's atmosphere?  I don't think that a rocket could break up in
    >the atmosphere, and one piece land at time index 0, and another piece
    >orbit right in the Earth's atmosphere for an entire day, before landing.
    I do not think the Delta exploded at all. The stresses of re-entry
    caused it to disintegrate and all the pieces fell on the one day and the
    one orbit, on Thursday April 27. I am certain that a claim that a piece
    the debris fell on the following day is mistaken. It would be nice,
    though, to see a map of (or learn the co-ordinates of) the locations of
    the debris falls.
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