Re: Superbird for UTC May 3

Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 08:03:45 PDT

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    From the Pawnee Grasslands near Briggsdale in Northern Colorado, I watched 
    20040 Superbird A with an 18 inch Newtonian from 0335 to 0350 UT.  Between 
    flashes it was faint but distinct at 100x.  A very rough magnitude estimate 
    is  +14 between flashes, gradually dimmer toward the end of the interval but 
    still visible.  The 12th magnitude star adjacent to the Ring Nebula M57 was 
    the reference I knew to check offhand, and Superbird A was about 2 magnitudes 
    fainter.  I think most observers could follow it with a scope with about 14 
    to 16 inch aperture, for some a 12 inch could do.  
    Dan Laszlo
    Fort Collins CO
    +40.5     -105
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