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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 19:37:12 PDT

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    Leo Wikholm ( wrote:
    > According to Mr. Kari Kaila from Oulu University
    > a mysterious widening cloud was observed in Northern Finland.
    > The observation was made on March 26 at 20.58 UTC (23.58 local)
    > in Utajarvi (near Oulu).  ...
    If this had been observed at 20:58 on Saturday, March 25, I would wonder 
    if it could have been related to the launch of the IMAGE satellite at 
    20:34:43 from Vandenberg AFB into a 93.9-degree inclination orbit.  
    According to Space Today, the Main Engine Cut-Off (MECO) was at 20:39, 
    and first cut-off of second stage (SECO) was at 20:45, when it was at
    an altitude of 185 km (100 nautical miles).  At 20:55 IMAGE was 
    entering a "telemetry gap" of 25 minutes (very high northern 
    latitudes?), and by 21:30 they reported that the third stage had 
    burned out.
    Alternatively, maybe some other IMAGE event occurred on Sunday, March
    26 that could have produced such a cloud occurred 24 hours and some 
    minutes after launch?  
    Here are the locations of Space Today's IMAGE launch log and the IMAGE 
    "Early Operations Events" page:
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