Observations, and ID request.

From: tlj18@juno.com
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 20:26:57 PDT

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    I was satellite observing on 05-01 UT, during the morning.
    I saw Okean 2 (20510) at 01:03:00.
    I saw Cosmos 1441 R (13819) at 01:13:00.
    I saw the International Space Station for the second day in a row (ISS;
    25544) naked-eye at 01:21:23.
    I did not see Cosmos 2221 (22236), scheduled for a 01:23:45 pass.
    I saw Cosmos 1703 (16262) at 01:31:15, at the same time I saw a UNID,
    about two or three degrees away.  Please identify!
    I saw Cosmos 1707 R (16327) at 01:34:30.
    I saw Cosmos 1076 R (11267) at 01:38:30.
    I did not see Cosmos 1470 R (14148) scheduled for a 01:43:30.
    I saw Cosmos 807 R (08745) at 01:46:00.
    I saw Cosmos 1733 (16611) at 01:49:00.  It was predicted to be magnitude
    +5.7, but I picked it up at +3, and it flared to +1.  This was observed
    by me naked-eye, despite intense light-pollution, and having no glasses
    on (I am near-sighted).
    I think I saw Cosmos 1805 R (17192) at 01:58:00.  When I put my
    binoculars up to the sky, I saw two satellites simulataneously.  They
    passed well within one degree of one another, passing in opposite
    directions.  One of them was slightly faster.  Could someone identify?
    My geo-coordinates:
    39.706 N
    75.683 W
    negligible altitude
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