Cloud observation

From: Leo Wikholm (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 01:19:01 PDT

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    According to Mr. Kari Kaila from Oulu University
    a mysterious widening cloud was observed in Northern Finland.
    The observation was made on March 26 at 20.58 UTC (23.58 local)
    in Utajarvi (near Oulu).
    Kari saw a widening cloud of 2 - 3 degrees diameter. It was
    rather bright and the location was at azimuth 140 degrees and height 72
    The object was moving to the North. The speed was about 50 degrees per
    and the diameter was about 5 - 6 degrees near Cassiopeia constellation.
    moving direction was about 30 degrees (azimuth).
    Another observer Veijo Kallio saw also that same phenomenon near Oulu.
    He noted also a bright satellite which moved near the observed cloud.
    According to these observations it seems that the phenomenon might be
    by a satellite in orbit? Any ideas about which satellite or rocket was
    caused this
    Leo Wikholm
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