USA 116 search elements

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 19:32:02 PDT

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    Russell Eberst observed an object on 30 April at 23:19 UTC, that may be USA 116
    (95066A / 23728).
    Pierre Neirinck has produced this search orbit, which is a good fit to the two
    points that Russell obtained:
    1 70000U          00122.23258110  .00021000  00000-0  27097-3 0    08
    2 70000  97.9145 234.2473 0526626 342.6962  15.3768 14.73850000    06
    Searchers should allow for several minutes of time uncertainty.
    Note that I have recently begun issuing search elements with a pseudo-NORAD
    number 70000 and no International Designator, to make it less likely that
    someone will later unknowingly compile them into historical archives as though
    they were accurate. As soon as the recovery of the object has been confirmed,
    and reasonably accurate elements produced, I will revert to the normal
    Ted Molczan
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