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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 13:58:37 PDT

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    Ben wrote:
    >>>There was a question a ways back: will the ISS and MIR ever appear in
    same sky in one night? And I beleive the answer was no, they are on
    sides or earth, and whenever on is in the morning, the other is in the
        Well, today, May 1 200, both MIR and ISS are in the evening, just 2
    minutes apart! It seems unusual to me....<<<
    There are plenty of times ISS and MIR are in the same sky. In fact, I've
    seen them almost at the same time. A couple of weeks ago (sorry for not
    being exact) I saw a great morning pass by both at the same time. ISS
    was first, but MIR was shortly behind. Facing northeast, I could shift
    my eyes to see ISS travel NW to SE and then, without turning my head,
    shift my eyes to see MIR S to N. I could not quite see them both at the
    same time with out shifting my eyes, but it was very cool.
    Mark Brannan
    Thomasville, GA, USA
    83-deg 59-min W
    30-deg 50-min N
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