Forecast: Severe Solar Storms really are messing with our satellites.

Joan L. Grove Brewer (
Mon, 31 May 1999 18:50:52 -0700
Forecast: Severe Solar Storms really are messing with our satellites.

You obviously can't take a joke aliens.  Here is what is really going on.
It's all going to come out.

"Solar flares and coronal mass ejections  solar explosions that can equal a
million 100 megaton bombs  send waves of energy toward Earth.
     They can cause power blackouts, block some radio communications and
trigger phantom commands capable of sending satellites spinning out of their
proper orbits. " [Keep track of those flares.]

"Solar energy eruptions can cause warm air to surge up from Earth. That can
drag some satellites to lower orbits, forcing satellite operators to use
rocket fuel to reposition the spacecraft. " [And we all know that many don't
get back into their orbit!]

In another article they said a satellite can drop 4,000 feet in due to the
friction.  This is an interesting article.  As for alien jokes.... :-) I
think a lot of people think that is what they are seeing, but it's just
really our satellites acting bizarre.  Read this article.  It's quite good.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  I don't think that JPL,
NASA and NOAA are insane.

Just consider this?  What do they do in space without an earth ground.

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>You are very confused.


>Finally, satellites do not make 'sharp moves' and attributing these none
existent moves to 'air pockets' >shows how little you really understand
about this business.

>Has it occurred to you that you might be out of place on this listserver?
You have made several >comments lately each a bit more inane than the last.