Titan r Obs & OceanSat 1 r attempted Obs

Sat, 29 May 1999 01:19:03 -0600 (MDT)

At 05:17:56 29 May UTC +/- 2 sec USA 144 Titan r #25745 99028B passed approx
5 degrees below (South) Arcturus. Magnitude of -1. With this elset:

USA 144 Titan r 10.0  3.0  0.0  2.5 d
1 25745U 99028B   99147.90363205  .01228647  00000-0  61493-3 0    08
2 25745  63.4618  81.5675 0051352 167.4842 192.6360 16.16921148    09

it's predicted peak elevation was at Az 224 degrees Elev 57 degrees at
05:18:25 29 May UTC. 

One minute later i got a -3 flare from Iridium 4 #24796U 97020E at Az 275
degrees Elev 29 degrees at 05:28:57 29 May UTC. 

With a clear sky and despite a bright moon, i tried to get a 1x obs of
OceanSat 1 r #25759 99029D, hoping it may flare or at least be visible. But
no luck, i tried to acquire it in my 10x50s but i waited too long and did
not see it. I waited for OceanSat 1 #25756U 99029A which was 1 min and 49
sec behind and looked for it with both 1x and 10x50 but no luck either. I
did notice a couple of faint glints along it's apparent path. I was too busy
looking for it to note the actual time, one was at Az 250 degrees and the
other at about Az 300 degrees. Whether these were from OceanSat 1 i can't
say for sure but they seemed to from the path of it's track.

It's predicted peak elevation was at 06:51:36 29 May UTC at Az 257 degrees
Elev 66 degrees. They still make favourable passes for awhile longer for me
so i'll try to get better observations of them.