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Ralph McConahy (
Fri, 21 May 1999 20:08:39 -0700

I'm sorry, but someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't this list for
VISUAL satellite observing? I work with satellite and radio astronomy
frequencies all day long, but VISUAL satellite observing is a hobby for me.
I subscribe to this list because I like the hobby, not so I can discuss kHz,
MHz, transmitter power levels, and the wavelength of water vapor when I come

  Thanks for letting me give my opinion,
  Ralph McConahy

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From: Phil Rogers <>
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Date: Friday, May 21, 1999 7:08 PM
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> wrote:
>>It was 189,578 at 3300.9 Hz at 90.6 seconds ... The previous high I had
had was
>>1200 or so ... Considering the extreme strength of this one I has to be
>>like an airplane ... I wonder if the airspace around Aricebo is restricted
>>airspace ... I bet is is ... because sometimes they transmit a huge signal
>Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but as a radio telescope, Aricebo
>should be passive and transmit no signal at all. It is more akin to a
>receiver for non-manmade signals rather than a radar which does transmit
>extremely high peak power signals of very limited duty cycle.
>Phil Rogers