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> << I have been running the seti@home screensaver for a couple of weeks and
>  last night it got a big peak (airplane or satellite???) at 23 hr 02 min
>  38 sec RA and 8 deg 50 min 24 sec RA, on Thurs. Jan 07, 1999, at
>  14:56:49 Zulu...
>  I don't have a sky chart to see where in the sky this was located ...
>  can anyone tell me a URL for a sky chart or tell me where this signal
>  originated?? >>
> Using SkyAtlas 2000.0, I found this to be near the border between Pisces and
> Pegasus, VERY close the galaxy NGC 7469 in Pegasus.  Now, don't think this
> neccesarily means there is an alien signal coming from that galaxy, but it is
> interesting nonetheless.  I am running this software as well (very
> intriguing) - what power was the peak? - the highest I've gotten yet is
> around 177, but I'm only on my 2nd data unit.

It was 189,578 at 3300.9 Hz at 90.6 seconds ... The previous high I had had was
1200 or so ... Considering the extreme strength of this one I has to be something
like an airplane ... I wonder if the airspace around Aricebo is restricted
airspace ... I bet is is ... because sometimes they transmit a huge signal ....

>  To calculate if any satellites
> were near that location at that time, one would also need to know the
> longitude and latitude of Arecibo Radio Observatory, assuming that's where
> the data was recorded, and historical satellite orbital elements close to the
> date of recording.  I'll leave this to someone else.... :)
> Quinn McCleery
> Raleigh, NC, USA