RE: When is the Titan 4 launch?

Ted Molczan (
Fri, 21 May 1999 07:43:56 -0400

Randy John wrote:

> From:
> denbe.htm
> 6. Prior to the launch of a classified payload, the exact
> launch time is
> kept
> secret until about T-4 hours...
> So, I will have 4 hours of notice, but how is this
> information disseminated?
> Does anyone know?

The web page you cited provides a couple possible sources:

"8. For the current status of a pending launch, call the Vandenberg Launch
Line at 805-606-1857. For Delta II launches, call the Boeing Delta Launch
Hotline at 714-896-4770. Real time launch status can be obtained from the
Space Wing Public Affairs Office starting at about T-1 hour. The number is

The Update Line is a recorded message, which is not updated very often. I
suggest phoning the Public Affairs Office number. I recall that in May'96,
the exact time of the launch of 96029A was announced about one day before
the launch. In light of the recent apparent tightening of security, I doubt
that we will get that much advance notice, if any.

Ted Molczan