Re: When is the Titan 4 launch?

Joan L. Grove Brewer (
Thu, 20 May 1999 23:20:28 -0700

>Brian Webb posted the following about the upcoming Titan launch from
>6. Prior to the launch of a classified payload, the exact launch time is
>secret until about T-4 hours...
>So, I will have 4 hours of notice, but how is this information
>Does anyone know?

Haven't you hear, the military has even got a gag on the commercial
satellites.  Talk about paranoia. We are having satellites stop
communicating, Presidential jets disappear off of radiar, rockets blowing
up, not just in the US but else were, and major problems keeping things in
the proper orbits. I think we build too much artificial intelligence into
the satellites and they are all rebelling on us! :-) It's something to
consider. This robot MS put into Win 98 is real making my life very
interesting.  Something is happen here. I'm 48 and have three grown kids and
this is weirding me out and I have an engineering degree in computer system
and lasers. This is what you call female instinct.  We had the USS Yorktown
go dead in the water last year for almost three hours due to a computer math
error.  Well, we older folks knew that there was a limit to our computers
math but the younger generation hasn't figured out what the percent of error
might be in a computer calculation yet.  I think it's about $10 billion in
the past year not counting the Y2K issue. :-)

>What I'd like to hear is that there is a web page which will have this.
>Don't count on the Vandenberg web page, it's rarely updated and never at
>        Randy