Re: Satellite Obs

Brad (
Mon, 17 May 1999 21:28:37 +0000

Ron Lee wrote:

>Using 8" LX200 (32X, 1.4 deg fov), CSat software and
>Satellite       NORAD Time     Date      RA     Dec    
>NOSS 2-3 (D)    23862 03:43:45 16-MAY-99 100032 -291557  C,D,E in fov

> I would be interested in how your system works for Molniya type >satellites.

I haven't tried that because there are no Molniyas in Molczan.tle which
I have been using exclusively.  I'll try it in the next few days and let
you know how it turns out.

> Can you stop during a pass to get a good position?

CSat lets you stop and then continue as many times as you like.  I get
time and position info by copying and pasting the CSat screen text into
a text file.

> Can you use the hand controller to offset the nominal track?

Not as far as I can tell!  I think what happens is that you can move it,
but then CSat sends its next command which puts it back on the original
track.  I'll try this some more to make sure.
Thanks for your reply.