Re: Request for help to find Uosat 12, etc

Mike DiMuzio (
Sun, 16 May 1999 00:10:52 +0000

ykChia wrote:
> Hi folks:
>     I am keen to find out whether Uosat 12 is visible and at what
> magnitude. (I found the element in Molczan but take the easy way first
> to ask.) I tried GSOC but this is not on the database. I thought of
> doing the brute force search using qsat...
>     Of particular interest is 1)  where can I find  the radar
> cross-section of this satellite ( in M2) and 2) how do i make use of
> this info together 3) with satellite dimension(shape etc) and 4) what
> sort of orbit to figure out how dim or bright this object should be.
>     rgds
>     yKChia
	The University of Surrey has a page on UoSAT 12, including technical
details.  It's at

41.087N  80.714W 305 meters

Mike DiMuzio