Jim Varney (jamesv@softcom.net)
Sat, 15 May 1999 16:49:49 -0700

According to the TERRIERS mission home page, a Pegasus launch is set for 
Tuesday morning UT (Monday night PDT).  As of 2pm today they say the 
Pegasus is fully mated to the L-1011 aircraft and is ready to go.  Drop 
zone is off of the coast of northern California.

Quoting from the TERRIERS page 

"The TERRIERS launch window is 22:05:47 to 22:14:26 PDT, (05:05:47 to 
05:14:26 UTC). Planned take-off time is about 1 hour prior to launch. The
drop box is 10X40nmi with corner coordinates: 35.69 N X 236.82 E, 36.34 N
X 236.97 E, 35.66 N X 237.03 E, 36.31 N X 237.17 E. The launch true azimuth
is 190.52 +- 3 deg with a magnetic heading of 175.52 deg."

 -- Jim

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