99-025* objects

Edward S Light (light@argoscomp.com)
Wed, 12 May 1999 06:46:50 -0400 (EDT)

Last evening (EDT, early 1999 May 12 UTC) we again observed 4 of the 5 99-025
objects, however because of the greater spread in time compared to the day
earlier, all the IDs are certain this time.

99-025C / 25732 ("CSL-04 R/B")
  00:38.8 UTC: Steady at app.mag V= 2 1/2 (like eta Boo which it passed)
  00:41.0 UTC: Flashing quickly again, V=3 max (like gamma UMi which it passed)

Again this interesting objects went from steady when high in our NE-E to wildly
flashing low in the north.

99-025B / 25731 ("SHIJIAN 5")
  00:49.6 UTC: V= 6 near alpha CVn (Cor Caroli)

99-025D / 25733 ("CSL-04 debris")
  00:50.7 UTC: V= 5, like 4 CVN which it passed

99-025A / 25730 ("Fengyun 1C"
  00:51.4 UTC: V= 4, like beta CVn which it passes

I'm still unsure about the identities of all the objects in this bunch
we saw a day earlier.

Again, we used 7x50 and 10x50 binoculars.

Clear and dark skies!
   Ed Light

Lakewood, NJ, USA
N 40.1072, W 074.2317, Hgt +21 m (69 ft)