Re: PRC-26 low over central Texas again

Jim Hale (
Tue, 11 May 1999 09:26:23 -0500

>Hi Jim,
>Thank you for your message!
>Those eccentric orbits really are different.  I find them
>harder to envision than the others.  (I've just got to get
>a globe!)  That one's inclination is about 30, so I guess
>its perigee will come around here every so often.  I agree
>that it wasn't much of a sight (although our first pass a
>few days ago was quite bright), but the infrequency of its
>one-power appearance adds some interest for me.
I'll keep watching PRC26 and mayby get a brighter pass - But its still very
cool to catch it at perigee ! Please keep us posted on other RARE low passes
of these eccentric objects!

The one time I saw that Cosmos (389 or 398?) I'll never forget it. It moved
across the sky at high speed. It was in a very egg shaped orbit. Maybe it
was one of the "supposed Moon rocket" failures. Its been a long time. But it
has stuck in my head all these years!
I share your interest in these objects.

>I knew a Jim Hale was was a potter, but I suppose you are
>not that one.  But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Guess thats not me - I'm the Jim Hale who published the "Amateur Satellite
Observer" newsletter back in the 80's.
I used a $25. Timex 1000 16K computer then   :-)   tee hee  How times have

Jim Hale   Kingston, Arkansas

>Clear skies--
>Ed C.
>At 08:21 AM 5/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Thanks for the heads up on CZ-3 rkt - Such an interesting orbit -  I ran
>>elements you posted thru "Mr Orbit" and watched it fly by last night
>>02:17Z from this location in northern Arkansas. It was steady, and a
>>unimpressive. But nevertheless interesting.
>>Reminds me of one of the old Cosmos sats - C389 or C398 I forget - Think
>>down now - It was in a extreem elipitical orbit too. I saw it one time
>>it seemed to be rushing past on its way back up to apogee. I remember a
>>sence of higher than normal speed -
>>Thanks again -  Jim
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>>From: Ed Cannon <>
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>>Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 10:01 PM
>>Subject: Re: PRC-26 low over central Texas again
>>>I wrote:
>>>> PRC-26 is making another near-perigee pass between Austin
>>>> and San Antonio, Texas, Friday evening (local time).
>>>Thanks to Björn for the follow-up message; it did indeed go
>>>right through the zenith over Austin.  However, it turned
>>>out that the pass was somewhat disappointing.  It was in a
>>>real hurry but perhaps reached, and held for 30 seconds or
>>>so, only about +2.5 magnitude a ways east of the zenith, so
>>>it was not as bright as the -- to me -- seemingly somewhat
>>>less favorable pass two nights ago.  I guess that's a risk
>>>when expectations are raised....  I wonder if it happened
>>>to be on the wrong side of a slow tumble as it went over
>>>Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA