gorizont 23 and an unknown

Kurt Dequick (Kurt.Dequick@dZine.be)
Tue, 11 May 1999 09:27:24 +0100


This weekend we saw a bright, naked eye satellite which was flashing.  I 
timed the period to be around 4.08 seconds.  I haven't been able to identify it 
yet, perhaps someone who saw it already can identify it just by looking at its 

Location: 51 10' N    2 57' E
Time: May 9th 1999, around 21 h 53 m UT
It went from West to East, almost through zenith, through UMa.
Flashing, a secondary maximum, period 4.08

We also timed Gorizont 23. I had a period of 2627.07/52 = 50.521 seconds 
(Acc 0.3)
I didn't expect to loose it at the end of the observing session.  So now I regret 
not timing it the last time I looked at it through the telescope, putting it in the 
centre of view again.

None of us had made satellite predictions for that night.  Our main target was 
supernova 1999BY.  It turned out to be very faint.  We had to phone up Kurt 
Jonckheere for positions of Gorizont 23.  Not having predictions does have 
some advantages: you get surprised.  Seeing a bright iridium-flare without 
warning is great.  That bright flashing satellite was also nice.

Mike Rosseel also saw a slowly moving flashing satellite through the 
telescope, maybe he will say more on that.


P.S. I was happy lurking on this list, but Mike kind of forced me posting this :-)