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Joan L. Grove Brewer (
Mon, 10 May 1999 20:12:18 -0700

If you have a large high power programmable telescope and use GPS so you can
get accurate positions so you can photograph satellites, both GPS bugs and
the Y2K issue is relevant. Everyone should be checking out the makers of
their equipment because they are using embedded equipment.  As I've said in
the past if your are interested in the GPS and Y2K issue subscribe to the
Risk List sponsored by ACM. This is a much better place to get no on GPS and
Y2K or other issues.

On topic

CRRERS shut down in 1991 yet it's still in what appears to be a stable
orbit?  UHF 1 (UFO 1) is of real interest with its figure 8 wobble. I would
really like to get some data on those 15. Most of what I'm tracking in my
area just east of Seattle are rockets use to launch.  Not much to look at.
I don't think I'll ever see a rocket flares... But may be I need to go to
the GEOS orbits.


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>Y2K bugs and how they affect satellites are only on-topic if your message
>pertains to *visual* satellite observing. The same goes for government
>regulations or policies about satellites or launchers. For the newcomers:
>we like to keep SeeSat-L highly focused on visual satellite observing.
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