PRC-26 rocket body observed

Mon, 10 May 1999 07:51:36 -0500

Ed Cannon wrote:
> PRC-26 is making another near-perigee pass between Austin 
> and San Antonio, Texas, Friday evening (local time).

I observed and videotaped a small part of this pass, though I have seen this
rocket body previously at perigee on two occasions a couple of years ago. It
was not extremely impressive but my notes indicate that it does reach +0
magnitude on occasion.  In fact, on this particular pass (closest range 254
st. miles) I observed it pass into the eastern sky where it coincidentally
crossed the field of view my next target scheduled for 1 minute later. Both
were easily observed as the sky was excellent.


Paul D. Maley

tel. 281-244-0208; fax: 281-244-1140
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