RE: Gorizont 23

Mike Rosseel (
Mon, 10 May 1999 10:55:21 +0200

hi everyone,

> Assuming previously reported flash timings are correct, I have to
> assume 1710.5 periods (sic) passed between Rainers observation
> 21:03:41.4 and mine 21:03:48.7 a day later.
> I still don't have an explanation for the half period, unless
> there is a phase shift between 21:03 and 22:02 ?
> This would make the period 50.51581 seconds at May 8.378, and the
> rate of increase 0.00872 s/day
> from my previous computation.

Kurt dequick and myself observed gorizont 23 on May 9th. His observation
probably follow soon. First flash was observed on sunday May 9th, 00:05:81.2
I made an intermediate timing 2324.04 sec later. 2.5 hours after the first
obs we
decided to call it a night and tried to reacquire gorizont (one telescope
was kept
pointing to it all night). We didn't see it back (although we also tried
it with binoculars). So taking the intermediate result as final this gives a
of 50.52261. As for the accuracy, i would say about 0.4 on the total
observation, which
would give +/- 0.0086, which probably is kinda useless :). Maybe Bjorn can
use one of the
two flash-timings to calculate a more accurate timing. Better luck next