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Hello all,

NORAD/U.S. Space Command just issued two press releases (Apr. 21 & Apr. 13)
talking about the problems that commercial GPS users might have with the
Aug. rollover date and Y2K;

In addition, GPS 2-15 (also know as SVN 27 or PRN 27) is under testing
between Apr. 23 and mid-May for Aug. date rollover and some other dates
associated with Y2K.

At 06:34 PM 5/9/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm with the ACM Risk Group and we are already having problems with GPS.
>Most of it is due to human error or computer problems.  You can look at the
>Risk Archives or on Peter Neuron's web.  It's
>not too much fun.  Seems some of the makers of some of the software may not
>have understood the GPS that well or known about the problem.  So this is
>like the Y2K problem but it's different. The GPS clock turns over at 1024 or
>in August.  there are many more clock problems in computer software and
>hardware--especially on embedded system such as hand held GPS devices. We
>had the USS Yorktown dead in the water of the East cost for almost three
>house due to a math error. So much for the Navy's new automated ships.  Now
>think about our weapons that depend on GPS and are all programmed with
>embedded system. You can't change them and do you really know which are not
>going to have the bugs.  NO! Nasty messes... The biggest problem is that the
>military isn't training for problems.  We've lost so many helicopters it's
>crazy.   These two last week are nothing new to the military.
>J~  retired systems engineer
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>>> All I can suggest is that if you are planning a hi tec trip through the
>>> Amazonian jungle this summer , do it before  August 21st !
>> If Y2K will have an adverse effect on the GPS system could that extend
>>the area of marine navigation (LORAN) as well? (I'm not sure if it operates
>>of GPS or not.) I can imagine the USCG will have their hands full.:->
>>Robert Bloch
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