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I'm with the ACM Risk Group and we are already having problems with GPS.
Most of it is due to human error or computer problems.  You can look at the
Risk Archives or on Peter Neuron's web.  It's
not too much fun.  Seems some of the makers of some of the software may not
have understood the GPS that well or known about the problem.  So this is
like the Y2K problem but it's different. The GPS clock turns over at 1024 or
in August.  there are many more clock problems in computer software and
hardware--especially on embedded system such as hand held GPS devices. We
had the USS Yorktown dead in the water of the East cost for almost three
house due to a math error. So much for the Navy's new automated ships.  Now
think about our weapons that depend on GPS and are all programmed with
embedded system. You can't change them and do you really know which are not
going to have the bugs.  NO! Nasty messes... The biggest problem is that the
military isn't training for problems.  We've lost so many helicopters it's
crazy.   These two last week are nothing new to the military.

J~  retired systems engineer

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>> All I can suggest is that if you are planning a hi tec trip through the
>> Amazonian jungle this summer , do it before  August 21st !
> If Y2K will have an adverse effect on the GPS system could that extend
>the area of marine navigation (LORAN) as well? (I'm not sure if it operates
>of GPS or not.) I can imagine the USCG will have their hands full.:->
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