Re: Gorizont 23, no Raduga 27

Ron Lee (
Sun, 09 May 1999 07:25:05 -0600

Assuming previously reported flash timings are correct, I have to assume
1710.5 periods (sic) passed between Rainers observation 21:03:41.4 and mine
21:03:48.7 a day later.
>I still don't have an explanation for the half period, unless there is a
phase shift between 21:03 and 22:02 ?
>-- --

I would suggest recording and writing down the obs for that interval.  If
Gorizont nas a bright/faint pattern like Superbird, then you should be able
to identify the "phase shift" time easily if you look for it.  Jusy follow
the bright / faint pattern from one end until you note the discontinuity.

Ron Lee