Satellite List

Joan L. Grove Brewer (
Thu, 6 May 1999 10:01:28 -0700

I'm trying to find someone who has a list of all the satellites.  I'm doing
research.  The government has change the rules for commercial companies to
put satellites up and out of the 6 rocket launched satellites this year, 4
failed.  Bill Gates and Craig McCaw have a project to put 280 satellites up
in the next 5 years--Teledesic.  With this kind of failure rate and the new
government restrictions, I don't think they can do it, even though we need
it in order to expand the Internet.

With the decay of orbits, the life of LEOs, rampant increase of demand for
satellite communications, and the losses we know are coming due to the Y2K
bug we need to be doing much more than this just to break even. I'm trying
to put together statistical data to force the government to reverse this.

The Y2K issue is pretty bad.  I'm a computer systems engineer and we use the
clocks for a lot of things in embedded system. JPL sent out e-mail about a
year ago announcing that Sir-C imaging was going down.  There was also an
announcement that there was a clock programming problem with some GPS
satellites and that many would go down in August.  This could cause some
real problems with our aircraft and shipping.

What I'm trying to do is find a way that we can force these Politicians and
the Pentagon to get real.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. From the
way the Pentagon is acting, I would imagine that a lot of our classified
satellites are going to go down. This may be what is behind the war effort.
There is a high probability that our war machines may also have the Y2K bug.
I'm beginning to think that they are trying to make these move because some
of their weapons systems may not work after January. :-)

A lot of us computer engineers believe that the software is being use wrong
in engineering these rockets.  But a few years ago, I found a post by the
government looking for research on how to prevent radian and EMP from
effecting our satellites. So we also have a problem know what is really
going on up in space because the government isn't cutting loose with the
data they have accumulated.  So if we send software into space, if only one
bit is changed, it can crash like your home computer, and then have to be
re-uploaded and rebooted. :-) It's liked of like what happened with the Mars
robot.  Corporations aren't sharing information either.  So we don't really
know what is going on.