Re: Questions on ABRIXAS

Harro.Zimmer (
Wed, 5 May 1999 11:26:11 +0200

  Re: Message from Roland Vanderspek
> The DLR web page on ABRIXAS ( indicates that there
> are severe problems with the power system on board.  It's clear that
> they can't charge their batteries, but it's not clear to what extent
> the spacecraft will work in sunlight:  although they hope to try to
> regain control in June, when the satellite is in sunlight for 6 straight
> days, there is no explicit mention of trying to contact it during 
> daytime passes before then.  Does anyone have any more information
> on this subject?
> Should one expect ABRIXAS to lose attitude control and start some sort 
> of spin or tumble?
At this time there is no communcation contact with ABRIXAS. The three axis 
attitude control with a momentum wheel and magnetic actuators was perfect working 
but it is possible that we can see in the next days some slow tumbling as a 
result of the power shortage. It would be very interesting to have continously 
observations of the satellite. 

Harro Zimmer

Berlin, Germany