Telstar 401 again

Ed Cannon (
Wed, 05 May 1999 04:39:20 -0500

Tuesday evening (about 2:54 on Wednesday, 5 May UTC) I happened 
to see a very bright flash, and Mike McCants determined right 
away that it was just about where Telstar 401 (22927, 93-77A)
was predicted to be.  It was almost four minutes later when it 
flashed again.  I would estimate that the first few flashes were 
possibly as bright as +1.  The flash period has decreased to a 
few seconds less than 4 minutes since we last observed it.

Later, about 4:05 UTC, we caught the maximum of Superbird A, 
with several one-power flashes.  We were not able to find the
DSP (98001) that was predicted to be less than 3 degrees from

The first one-power object of the evening was the DSP 19 Titan IV 
(25670, 99-17B) with culmination low in the SSE; it was about +2 
and seemed to be pretty steady.

SPOT 3 (22823, 93-61A) displayed a few one-power flashes.

This was the BCRC location: 30.314N, 97.866W, 280 m.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA