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James Nix (
Mon, 03 May 1999 17:59:16 +0000


	Hi, I've observed Iridium Flares for several months now and have photos of some
at my website.  I am not familiar with the GSOC prediction service, however, the
Iridflar program by Rob Matson is pretty accurate for when and where a flare
will occur, but a little less accurate for how bright the flare will be. 
Sometimes there will be no flare, this is very rare.  About predicting flares
for "tumbling" Iridiums it is much less accurate.  Iridium 48 is classified as a
"tumbler" so any prediction will be somewhat inaccurate.  Timing the flashes and
noting the magnitudes will help programmers and analysts better predict flashes
from these "tumbling" satellites, although with some it is extremely difficult.

Iridflar can be downloaded from the VSOHP website on the software page.

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Alcir Carra wrote:
> Hello,
> Last saturday it was predicted for my city a -9 flare of Iridium 48. Insted
> of a flare like those I am used to see, just some flashes very quick. I am
> using the predictions of GSOC, with success. But with Iridium 48, this is
> the second time that it fails in exibit the predicted magnitude. Is Iridium
> 48 diferent of others Iridiums?