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Mon, 03 May 1999 17:45:56 +0000

Hi Jonathan,

	I notice that Alan has answered your questions on decaying objects and
listed some links to VSOHP, Mike McCant's site and OIG' site.

	I am also new to the list, for about a year now. You should also check out Sue
Wordens FAQ site as well as the SeeSatL archives at:

	I have a site that posts photos of satellite tracks, the link is below. There
you will find a couple of exposures by Tristan Cools of NOSS objects in their
triangular formations, on the page for classified objects. The site is a little
graphic intensive and some of the pages take a minute or two to load, I hope it
is of assistance. 

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> Can anyone hear me?  My earlier posted question was apparently ignored!
> Another question: what web site is the best for getting TLE's/Orbital
> Elements for most observable satellites?
> Someone, please respond, so that I know that I'm not talking to myself.
> Jonathan Wojack