Re: Iridium 48

Ralph McConahy (
Mon, 3 May 1999 12:40:06 -0700

Alcir Carra wrote:
>Last saturday it was predicted for my city a -9 flare of Iridium 48. Insted
>of a flare like those I am used to see, just some flashes very quick. I am
>using the predictions of GSOC, with success. But with Iridium 48, this is
>the second time that it fails in exibit the predicted magnitude. Is Iridium
>48 diferent of others Iridiums?

Yes, Iridium 48 is different in that it is tumbling.

Here is a list of Iridiums which are known to be tumbling:

     Iridium 14
     Iridium 11
     Iridium 20
     Iridium 21
     Iridium 24
     Iridium 27
     Iridium 44
     Iridium 48
     Iridium 71
     Iridium 79

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