Re: New member talk

Wed, 27 May 1998 01:31:06 -0400

Terry Pundiak wrote:
> Since I am a Mac user - and reforming fanatic - I use Orbitrack which
> doesn't sort things at all... so I wrote a Hypercard program to sort out
> the evening's satellites chronologically and strip unnecessary lines
> like when they are in shadows - I now usually can get 4 columns on 3
> pages instead of the original 12.  

QUICKSAT does all that.  Of course, it's for pc.

It also can strip out tle's from
> Molczen's file so I have been increasing my custom list as I go along.

There are pc programs for that too.

> I'd like to do more programing - add magnitude estimations for each line
> of prediction.

QUICKSAT does that too.

> (so go ahead and tell me what I am already missing in the pc sat
> software world - maybe I'll give in - I'm close)

Since you mentioned it first,  everything you want to do is available
for pc.  If you do get a pc, we'll even help you with everything you may
want to do on it.

Welcome to SeeSat.

Jay Respler
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