Iridium 11 flashes observed

Frank Reed (
Tue, 26 May 1998 13:12:38 -0700

Hi -

Last evening my wife and I were watching for an IridFlar predicted -3.1
Iridium flare at 98-5-26 03:57:58 UTC for lat/lon 33.484N 111.898 W.  We
saw 3, maybe 4, bright flashes roughly mag. -2 followed by a dimmer flash
at about mag. +1, at intervals of about 5 seconds.  The duration of the
flashes were less than 1/4 second, probably about 0.1 second.  The first
flash was about 10-15 seconds earlier than the predicted time of the flare.
 This seems to be consistent with several previous reports here about the
flashing from Iridium 11.

About three minutes earlier we had seen a normal mag. 0 flare from Iridium
56 as predicted by IridFlar.

-- Frank Reed
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA  111.898W  33.484 N  1227 feet