Re: Decay space debris ID over S'pore 5/20

Tony Beresford (
Sun, 24 May 1998 15:35:40 +0900

At 16:43 23/05/98 +0800, YK Chia wrote:
>This occured on 5/20/98 Singapore local time 7:34pm. Not sure how to convert to
>UTC but we are +8 hrs ahead of GMT.   General direction  is event begin  just
>below the 'False Cross' in Constellation of Carina towards Southern Cross -
>Cruex  My latitude is 1 degree 27N and 103 Degree 30' E. The event occurs ~20
>degree staring SW to S direction in a shallow angle inclination of ~20 degree
>down.  The event lasts ~5-8 seconds. No sonic boom was heard and no  train
>observed.(did have my bino ready to check).
This was a meteor. the duration is way too short for a satellite. The direction
of travel is also unlikely for a satellite. There is nothing in orbits
greater than 135 degrees inclination. 
I am posting by separate private e-mail an edited version of Robert H. McNaught's
criteria for deciding if its a meteor or man-made. Rob Mcnaught has seen at least
two satellite entries, is an experienced meteor observer, currently runs a fireball
camera network, and in a sensible world would be searching and tracking those
asteroids that are dangerous to Earth.
Tony Beresford