Fast Flasher
Sat, 23 May 1998 23:55:57 -0600 (MDT)

As i was waiting for NOSS 2-3 r to arrive i was looking around the sky when
i saw a flash low (15 degrees) to the north (approx 020 degrees). I figured
it was a flare at first but then a few seconds later i saw it again, this
time almost straight north and closer. Then again, this time more to the
north west. It went to the front of my house heading south west and i lost
sight of it. The flashes were quite bright, orange in colour and thick,
lasted only 1 second with less than 5 seconds between flashes. I've seen
some fast movers before but this one was really moving, it took only about
10-15 seconds to cross my line of sight. It remained low, never getting
higher than 30 degrees above the horizon. The time of this event was 05:15
UTC. It came from the north north east and went to the south west. My
backyard faces due east so the direction is accurate. It wasn't an aircraft,
no noise was heard and it was moving too fast as the base is only 8km from
where i live and if it was doing an "attack" run on the base i would have
heard it's sound. Could it have been a re-entry skipping along? Any ideas
what it was? Thanks in advance for any help.

ps i did see NOSS 2-3 r but it was pale to the other sighting i had