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Sat, 23 May 1998 17:59:08 -0400

Grzegorz Koralewski wrote:
>     By the way, is there any place on the Net where I could learn a
> bit about the history of some satellites like Vanguards, X Mir Insp.,
> Raduga, Molniya and what exactly 'Mir debris' objects are?

Here's a note from Mark Wade. I think he has one of the best, most
comprehensive sites anywhere.  (It should be noted in our faq, if it's
not there already).

In regard to recent postings about sources for data on satellite
launchings, Chinese LV specifications, etc. please note that my site


- All launches to orbit ever made;
- Many suborbital launches;
- Viewable chronologically, by launch vehicle, by spacecraft type, by
space project
- Mass and performance data on all launch vehicles ever flown to orbit
and many proposed launch vehicles;

My new listing of LV failures can be found at:

This is a resource sponsored by FPSPACE. At least those on the list
should be aware of it!!
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