Re: Bright and Tumbling

Koos van Zyl (
Fri, 22 May 1998 22:49:02 +0200

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On May 21 I observed a similar event at 16:50 UT. I was looking out for MIR, and then watched for
NOSS 2-3 Rocket. It appeared, moving north, north-east. The object was a few degrees to the
north-east of NOSS 2-3, moving at exactly the same speed as NOSS 2-3, moving parallel to it and
changing between just
visible to about mag 0. Judging from the light conditions I estimate about 4 to 0. It passed almost
directly overhead, and I lost sight of it all together 10 degrees above the northern horizon, in
Cygnus. I'd also like to know what that was, and I have an idea it was the same object as Koralewski
saw, as the period of variance was approximately the same. I checked the German sattelite visiblitly
site, with no results. Anybody to help?
And if the object I saw is indeed NOSS 2-3 Rocket (by the other replies to the e-mail), then what
was the other sattelite? I definately saw two sattelites moving at the same speed parallel to each
other. My predictions have the NOSS 2-3 Rocket at mag 2.9, which it was. It didn't change
brightness, but only brightened slowly, and then faded away as it moved further northwards. 
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Koos van Zyl
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