Re: Galaxy 4 spinning

Robert Smathers (
Wed, 20 May 1998 18:32:36 -0600 (MDT)

Robert Sheaffer wrote:
> birds are still there. CBS was a heavy user of this one, as were
> several television evangelist channels (such a loss!), and a lot
> of feeds for syndicated programming. CBS and a few others are *really*

and don't forget paging, TV station weather transmission, international
niche programming, educational television services, radio station
distribution (both NPR and some state networks and some sports networks,

> Did that Asiasat settle down into its post-lunar orbit? They're gonna

HGS-1 has it so nice that when all is said and done it will have gone
around the moon twice!

another lunar orbit for HGS-1 planned, early june should be geosync
orbit date unless they decide to go around the moon a third time..

Galaxy 6 is sliding over from 74 deg W slot to replace the c-band
part of Galaxy 4, keep watching the skies!

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