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Michael Comiskey (
Wed, 20 May 98 16:05:09 -0500

According to the reports I've seen, the failure stems from the demise of a
microprocessor chip in the attitude control system.  There was a slightly
elevated solar K-index yesterday, but for the most part the geomagnetic field
was quiet.  While a meteoroid could conceivably cause such a failure, there does
not appear to be a sudden change in the satellite's attitude as would be
expected from an impact.  Looks like it just fried its li'l ol' brain...


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Subject:    Galaxy 4 
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Date:       20-May-98 8:56 PM

Hi all

The TV people are not the only ones who are having problems.

for stories about pager user having a hard time as well.
Does anyone know what would cause such a failure? 
Would a meteoroid strike cause such a problem?
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