String of Iridiums

Holwerda Wim W (
Wed, 20 May 1998 07:26:26 +0100

Dear Observers,

I just saw the latest Iridium satellites (98032A - E; 25342 -25346) pass
through the constallation of Lyra. On May 20 at 00:50:23.11 UTC the
distance in time between the satellites was:

13.67 s
09.17 s
12.97 s
05.81 s

At the time of observation the satellites were about mag +5. Shortly
before that time they flared up to about mag +2. After culmination the
satellites became invisible due to the poorer phase angle to the Sun.


Wim Holwerda (e-mail:
Lat. 51.62613 N
Long. 5.08519 E