Iridium 11 shows a pattern(?)

Mark Nall (
Tue, 19 May 1998 17:13:45 PDT

Hi All,

I have observed the erratic Iridium 11 on two consecutive evenings, and 
believe I have discerned a "pattern" (for lack a of better word).

On the 16th, it passed to the east of my location and had some bright 
flashes before it culminated (+1.0). They  were seperated by 5-6 

On the 17th, it passed west of my location and also had some bright 
flashes (brighter: -2.0) , again before it culminated.

Much fainter flashes  (+6.2) occured after culmination on both nights.

Mark S. Nall
37.171N  89.988N  123m

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